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Our Mission

About The Alliance for Intercultural Understanding

                                     Educate, Advocate & Organize

The Peace Corps Alliance for Intercultural Understanding, (PCAIU) shares the National Peace Corp Association's (NPCA) vision of intersectionality. Beginning with a partnership of engaged and like-minded NPCA affiliates who served in predominantly Muslim nations working in partnership with schools, community groups and organizations like Rotary International, ( Alliance  is broadly open to all individuals and groups that value and respect diversity. In addition to offering our members tangible assistance with outreach initiatives, the PCAIU provides a motivational forum to educate, advocate and organize in the furtherance of the Third Goal Pledge and to develop and expand our capacity to act as instruments of intercultural dialogue. (

In support of these aims the PCAIU will reach out to RPCVs and to NPCA affiliates as well as like minded organizations  and individuals to continue what for many of us has been a lifelong engagement in support of the goals and ideals of Peace Corps. In order to support our independent member groups and to promote the legacy of our shared history; the Peace Corps Alliance for Intercultural Understanding will oppose bigotry, racism, antisemitism, islamophobia and all forms of prejudicial discrimination.

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